Stellar Contruction

Since the incorporation of Decks Limited into Stellar Construction Ltd this past winter and the re-construction of the Stellar Construction web site, the direction of the business has changed in three different ways; the amount of work, the amount of leads and the types of jobs, all of which were the 3 primary goals 12 months ago. For many years now, I have tried to get more of the client base to come from the internet via the company web site versus the yellow pages where historically a share of business has originated from. The amount of traffic has increased, the “contact us” tool has been utilized more than ever, as well as phone calls from potential clients because of the web site. I feel more jobs have closed this year because of the new web site. This past June I was booking jobs for this November! Typically I am booking 6-8 weeks out, not 5 months. Potential clients see a web site as a reflection of the business and business owner. This is very true in my case. There have been numerous occasions that I have been complimented on the site and the ease of use. I look forward to working with you again this winter to updating the site with new photos for the galleries and new wording that will help keep Stellar Construction staying current. Your knowledge and experience has been a worthy investment for my business!

-Kevin Deckard, Owner, Stellar Construction